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A place for developers and buyers to exchange and enjoy each other's work.

Only the best add-ons

Every product goes through our rigorous approval process so that you can be sure you are purchasing an add-on that works everytime.

Active support

Every add-on available here is supported by the developer. If you have a question about how it works or need support, we'll connect you – 24/7.

Open to all

The best part of this marketplace is that anyone with clean, valid code is able to participate. No matter how big or small your shop is, there's something for everyone inside.

Protected by our money back guarantee

We are so confident in the add-ons we have on AEM Outfitters that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. This includes a no-questions-asked 30-day refund policy.

Project Salvation for Buyers

Immediate access to curated and validated code to cut your project time and budget in half.


Don't build it, buy it. It's cheaper – and a lot faster.

Each project has a unique set of tasks. What we've learned as a team of AEM clients, consultants and developers is that the best projects seem to take a hybrid approach of integrating custom-code with third-party assets. That's why we're so passionate about this marketplace. We believe the community, and your project, can only get better as more AEM contributors participate.

A Marketing Engine for Sellers

You build awesome products. We'll make sure that buyers find them.


A CRM too to help grow your business.

Not only does your product sell through the marketplace, but AEM Outfitters provides each member the ability to contact their buyers to up-sell or suggest new add-ons as they're released. As the developer, you'll have control over how your add-on is listed as well as the tools available to create new revenue streams. At any time, you'll be able to track the sales of your product and understand how many buyers are considering your add-on.

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Add-ons are constantly being added to the site. We will notify you when they get released.

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